People generally believe massage therapy relieves pain and stress and that it’s a far better alternative to prescription drugs or surgery, but it still doesn’t appeal to everyone.


We think it’s because, among other things like economics, convenience, and the COVID pandemic, massage has a reputation for sexual misconduct that people don’t want to associate with. Nobody wants the jokes to be about them or worse; nobody wants to be assaulted. For people with body image issues, the last thing that will relieve their stress is a stranger rubbing the imperfections they have the most insecurities about.

In everything we do, Design Thinking guides how we empathize with people to develop a therapeutic experience different from anything they have felt before but how they always wished was possible. It’s remarkable how human our robot can make you feel.

We believe good design is both beautiful and intelligent. With deliberate and distinctive use of contemporary modern style, innovative materials such as bio-resistant coverings, and Artificial Intelligence, we aim to create forms, surfaces, and technologies that excite the senses and inspire the mind.

While user experience is our focus, 2X value creation for businesses and consumers is a high priority. By combining value from robotics with innovation, we believe our robot can transform how people find relief from the stress and pain of life and make massage therapy a significant part of their overall wellness program.