Human Problem

Pain is literally what we solve. Beyond that, we solve the common problem that some have with other people touching them or being naked with a stranger. Additionally, some people have body image issues or skin disorders that are embarrassing. There are people who even avoid massages because they can’t decide if they should go with underwear on or off. Some people fear that they may become aroused. Others are embarrassed for their coworkers to find out they went to a massage parlor. Some people are restricted by their spouse from getting a massage by someone of the opposite sex.


By completely rethinking the human-centered massage experience, we have discovered what robots can simply do better. A human masseuse has great potential but often does not meet the expectations of the customer. Today there are good massages and bad massages, but not precise massages. Customers often complain that a massage was too hard or too soft. They are sometimes disappointed that the masseuse spent too much time in one area when they prefer another. They are sometimes even depressed when their vision of a beautiful masseuse meets reality. The whole massage industry as a whole, in fact, has a bad reputation for sexual misconduct.